11 Ways to Make Chiropractic Adjustments Last Longer

Snap. Crackle. Pop. Ahhh… So, now what? You’ve invested time and money to ease your discomfort and make sure your spine, joints and muscles are all firing optimally… and THEN..! Something slips back out of place. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make chiropractic adjustments last longer?

Get a gentle, long-lasting adjustment at Peakview Sport and Spine in Monument CO
Get a gentle adjustment at Peakview Sport and Spine in Monument, CO

Here’s how to ensure those visits go easier on your back and your pocketbook!

Use this Easy checklist to make your chiropractic adjustments last longer.

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gentle chiropractic adjustment, Monument CO
A spinal adjustment shouldn’t have to be re-done every few days. Follow these tips and expect the best!

What are the biggest complaints of patients that seek chiropractic care? It boils to just two big concerns:

  1. patients are apprehensive about adjustments being little scary (or even painful),
  2. and that it might take constant, frequent adjustments to stay feeling optimal

A great chiropractor is indispensable to ensure those adjustments go easier on you,

…and just as importantly, to make those chiropractic adjustments last longer.

But your chiropractor’s technique is only a part of the equation. If the chiropractic patient doesn’t participate in the process, she’ll not only waste money and time…but she’ll likely experience more discomfort and for longer.

Here’s a handy checklist to make sure you get what you need out of your chiropractic care… in the lowest number of visits, and the least money spent.



“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you find time to do it over?”

Your investment in health is worth the time to plan it.

This saying is true always, but especially so in the care of your health. Your visits to your chiropractor need to be full sessions, without any corners cut.

To take full advantage of the health beneifts, plan your schedule knowing that it’s not just a 2 1/2 minute “crack session”. A good chiropractor will take the time to do these three things:

  1. find subluxations and other issues,
  2. make necessary adjustments, and
  3. recommend a course of action to get the most out of that treatment!

This takes time, and both the patient and the doctor should allow the necessary time for all three boxes to get checked.


Take out your wallet, make chiropractic adustments last longer
A lump in your pocket can have unexpected consequences. Move that wallet to the front!

No, we’re not talking about spending money, although it does make sense to view a certain amount of spending on your health as an important investment.

Actually, we’re addressing where you put that wallet after your session. Is it sticking it in your back pocket causing you to sit higher on one side than the other?

Consider putting your wallet in your front pocket, where its impact on your newly-adjusted spine is minimized.


Drink water after your chiropractic adjustment, MAKE CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS LAST LONGER
Water is life. Check this handy calculator to find out how much you may be missing!

Soft-tissue work and chiropractic adjustments break up and release toxins into your system. Two of these toxins are uric acid and lactic acid. It can feel like you’ve had a strenuous workout, even if you didn’t even break a sweat today.

The most important factor to flushing out these toxins is to stay hydrated. But most folks don’t get the amount of water they need for optimal health and performance, even before an adjustment!

Here are three steps to your ideal hydration, to make your adjustments easier and longer lasting:

  1. Measure how much you actually drink daily. Invest in a gradated bottle to check those fluid ounces, and write your numbers in a notebook or productivity app.
  2. Know how much you need to drink daily. Your water needs are impacted by a number of factors including your age, sex, weight, level of activity, and others. To get a hyper-accurate recommedation for your daily water intake, go to the online calculator at CamelBak.
  3. Follow a simple system for getting your water numbers up. Try setting an alarm for numerous times in the day and sip. This only takes a moment and avoids the discomfort that comes from gulping too much at a time.


epsom salt bath, make chiropractic adjustments last longer
Epsom salts remove toxins AND insert needed nutrients– directly through the skin!

Epsom salt does a double-whammy job of putting you back in order after an office visit.

Not only does the alkaline solution help you sweat, taking OUT toxins… but Epsom in particular helps your body uptake magnesium and sulfur to soothe aching musles.

BONUS: epsom salt also makes your skin more flexible with a healthy “glow”!

To make your chiropractic adjustment last longer, sweat out the uric acid and lactic acid with a goodly dose of Epsom salt. About two cups of Epsom salts in a your bath, with a minimum of 12 minutes of soaking should to the trick.


It’s never too early or late to train for correct posture

Hours in front of a computer terminal or in front of the TV will takes its toll not only on the spine, but in every system that the spine controls (and that’s more than almost anybody thinks)!

The effects of improper sitting might just be why you sought out chiropractic in the first place. Whether you’re aware of it or not, a simple adjustment to your form will result in less adjustments in the office.

Correct form will help you keep the benefits of your adjustment longer and make the next visit easier and more beneficial.

Speak to your practitioner about the correct form for sitting, and a plan for taking frequent breaks from the sitting postion.


Stick to your chiropractic treatment plan, MAKE CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS LAST LONGER
Hate to be a stickler, but..!

It may seem like double-talk to recommend more visits to your chiropractor… in the same article that tells how to keep those visits further apart.

But in truth, the best time to go back to the chiropractor is BEFORE your symptoms return.

By making visits more frequent at the beginning, and following your doctor’s recommendations, you can correct the root problem(s) quicker. That will make it possible to lengthen the time between visits later on.

For now let’s focus on getting you aligned. Talk to your practitioner about your recommended course of treatment.

Commit to more frequent visits at first and then taper down the frequency, gradually.

A hit-and-miss approach to your treatment plan will cost you more time, money, and discomfort in the long run.

So ironically, the best way to make chiropractic adjustments last longer… so you don’t have to come in as much… is to get those adjustments more frequently at the beginning of a treatment plan that you stick with.


chiropractor prescribed exercises MAKE CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS LAST LONGER
Build muscle to support your spine… end up with better health two ways!

The interplay of your muscles, bones, and nerves. Chiropractic balances these, and so does proper posture and exercise.

Whether your malady was caused by a repetitive movement on the job, by an habitual posture, or by a trauma… chiropractic can help. But aftercare can REALLY help.

Your doctor may be able to offer you immediate relief. But now it’s time to retrain your body, using the time between visits.

Your doctor will recommend exercises to make chiropractic adjusments last longer and full recovery happen sooner. Make a decision to follow the prescribed exercises to get to your goals quickly!


Cold Pack helps chiropractic adjusments last longer
Ice or cold packs increase circulation

You might think that heat is the solution for a throbbing muscle. But often the reverse is true. Forget turning up the heat, and turn up the COLD instead!

Ice increases circulation (blood flow) while reducing inflammation. That increased circulation takes toxins out more quickly from the affected area.

Enhanced circulation also introduces nutrients to your joints and muscles more effectively, accelerating the healing process.

Avoid putting ice directly on the area that your chiropractor directs. Use a bag of frozen peas, ice in a thick plastic bag, or a cold pack to activate the healing properties of cold… without overdoing it.


Where to Get Rock Tape: Peakview Sport and Spine, 1793 Lake Woodmoor Drive Monument CO 80132

Rock tape is magic.  Seriously, just after an adjustment the patient may slip quickly back into the unadjusted state.  Strategically placed strips of Rock Tape can support the changes we’ve introduced to your physiology.

Rock Tape can also support the athletic patient in their sporting activities, shielding them from injury.

Re-hab” is what an injured athlete goes to the doctor for. But imagine what a little “PRE-hab” will do to prevent injury in the first place!

Talk to your chiropractor about Rock Tape for injury prevention, or simply to make chiropractic adjustments last longer. Just this step alone can add 4 additional days between adjustments!

MAKE CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS LAST LONGER TIP #10: continual feedback, both ways

The most important factor in chiropractic health is communication

Your chiropractor should check in with you verbally and with palpations before making any adjustments. You and your doctor will explore your range of motion before, during, and after the session. The doctor’s job is to help you find the subluxation, make adjustments, and make sure it’s holding.

So be sure to tell express your needs and give feedback about how the process is working… or not. Trust and rapport is an indispensable ingredient, as is an open-door policy. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations for a specialist if necessary; a great chiropractor will have a ready list of professionals to refer.

Make Chiropractic Adjustments Last Longer Tip #11: choose a doctor YOU trust

chiropractor you can trust in Monument CO to MAKE CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS LAST LONGER
Dr. Timothy Nelson, D.C. is a sports chiropractor and neuromuscular therapist in Monument, CO

You want your chiropractor to be both competent and compassionate.

Your doctor understands you are a human being, composed of multiple interdepenent parts: 206 bones, but 600 muscles and countless somatosensory pathways all intertwining with organs and of the body.

Diet, exercise, sleep, stress management all impact these systems in profound ways. The goal of your chiroractor is to help YOU get all these systems working together.

A competent chiropractor gets the importance of soft-tissue work in concert with adjustments in a holistic, whole-body approach.

The processes of the mind and emotions affect the body profoundly. Your chiropractor should be able to detect and respond to your concerns, moment to moment.

Finally, your trustworthy chiropractor is quick to acknowledge the limits of his or her knowledge. What if an alternative therapy like acupuncture, or “hard medicine” solution like surgery or steroids is a better solution  for your condition? The chiropractor you choose should be familiar with other trusted specialists and be able to make a referral.

Make your chiropractic experience the best it can be. Choose a doctor that fits every part of this hard-to-fill checklist!

This checklist was prepared for Peakview Sport and Spine at 1793 Lake Woodmoor Drive in Monument, CO 80132. All rights reserved. For questions about chiropractic, sports rehabilitation, acupuncture, Rock Tape, and other aids to optimum health call Jacqueline at (719) 434-2781.

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